African Automotive Data Breakthrough

The African Association of Automotive Manufacturers (AAAM) has appointed an expert service provider to supply comprehensive automotive related data initially for 40 African countries to its members.

To date key economic data, reliable and accurate information about automotive policies, vehicle sales, compliance standards and vehicle finance has been difficult to obtain and has not been available in one comprehensive data base making it challenging for existing automotive businesses and potential automotive investors in Africa across the value chain to make well informed decisions.

This data project has already enabled AAAM to provide a quarterly new vehicles sales forecast for these 40 countries.

“By providing comprehensive sales data, information about who the various auto players are in each country, existing automotive policy details, relevant government department contact information and details about vehicle duties/levies, profit repatriation rules, barriers to entry, homologation and technical standards applicable in each country, as well as aftermarket data and financing rules, existing and potential investors will be much better placed to make informed investment decisions going forward”, commented David Coffey, CEO of AAAM.

“This is a game changer for our members and prospective investors in our industry and will help AAAM to continue to drive its vision of industrialising the automotive sector by working with governments to shape and implement effective auto policies and ecosystems that will result in the significant growth of new vehicle demand whilst attracting manufacturing investment and unlocking the economic potential of the continent. Access to our database will make membership of the AAAM for any organisation involved in or interested in the automotive industry in Africa even more valuable going forward”, concluded Coffey.