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Who are we

  • AAAM is an Automotive association focused on Africa
  • Established in November 2015
  • Founding members include global Automotive companies & Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Vision & Mission

  • African Automotive eco-system:
  • Work with African governments to unlock economic potential and promote the Automotive sector across the continent. Develop a network of stakeholders committed to achieving the potential of the African Automotive industry.
  • Regional plays:
  • Growth in key regions with an alignment and understanding of what different countries could do best within the Automotive industry. Target markets: Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Angola, Morocco, Ethiopia, and South Africa.
  • New Automotive opportunities:
  • Cater for relevant and robust Automotive technology and appropriate modernisation levels/ growth, while considering country maturity and in-country conditions and resources.


PROMOTE Industrialisation in Africa:

Align global players with an interest in the African continent.

Develop Automotive frameworks and drive winning strategies that will benefit the continent from an economic perspective, and drive the automotive industrial agenda.

Consult on inter-regional trade policies to support regional industrialisation plays.

DRIVE the African automotive industry:

Be the respected, authoritative body that provides Automotive knowledge, insights, and advice considering the full Automotive value chain view.

Build strong and influential relationship networks (top down approach, starting with country leaders)

Provide technical automotive and trade related advisory, to promote the development and industrialisation of the Automotive industry.

Assist in shaping sensible policies that will result in attracting investors and Automotive industry growth.

Position in-country specific initiatives to enable the Automotive industry.

SUPPORT funding accessibility:

Facilitate the required industry investments, and promote industry benefits to unlock funding from Governments, World Bank, G20, and others key funders.

Meet the team

Thomas Schaefer

President of AAAM

Mike Whitfield

Vice-President of AAAM